About Us

Panther Creek Ranch's humble beginning originated when Larry McClelland purchased his first two purebred Angus heifers in 1952 at the age of 15. Throughout the years, our goal has never wavered - the selection of quality cattle that will thrive in the fescue-based environment that we call home. We look for and retain cattle that are pleasing to the eye coupled with exceptional numbers and real world performance.

The Panther Creek Ranch brand symbolizes our beginning as McClelland Angus and represents the original bloodline selected by Larry. It reflects our passion for the Angus industry and our dedication to quality. Placing our brand on every animal symbolizes a commitment to integrity and the assurance that we stand behind every animal we raise. We think it’s a brand worth investing in and we proudly back it with our reputation.

Larry & Karol McClelland were the first generation of what is now known as Panther Creek Ranch. Mike & Kati McClelland and Steve & Valerie Peterson are the second generation currently operating the ranch. We look to the future with great anticipation toward the third generation who possess the heart to protect the land and the passion to grow the cattle enterprise that is their heritage. The ranch operates throughout Hancock and Adams counties in Illinois and consists of both a fall and spring calving herd, along with hay and row crop acreage.

In 1994, we held our first "Workin' Kind" production sale. We are proud to host some of the Midwest's finest cattlemen at the ranch annually on the first Saturday in April. In the midst of the cyclical industry in which we live and work, profit margins continually swing. We remain diligent in producing cattle that work and earn money in the real world.

Following the spring calving season, the ranch is a whirlwind of activity as we prepare for our production sale. We are thankful for and blessed with the help of friends and family who show up every year to get the job done. Every day at noon you'll still find Karol McClelland (Mom/Grandma) at the headquarters fixing lunch for the ranch help. We welcome visitors anytime of the year and if you're lucky enough to arrive at dinner time, you're in for a treat sharing the bounty of her table and hospitality!

Thank you for taking time to visit our website and learn about our operation. Be sure to "Like" our Facebook page for the most current news from the ranch. Please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or questions.